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Building occupants and homeowners are becoming more aware of the health hazards associated with mold contamination. Moisture associated with water intrusion onto building materials, such as lumber or sheetrock, is the primary cause for mold indoors.

Mold growth can occur on most common building materials, provided the right conditions are present, with growth beginning in as little as 24 hours. When this material becomes infested with mold, special care must be taken during the removal or restoration process, to contain the spores and prevent unintentional spread of the spores.

Unfortunately, many companies try a cookie cutter solution to mold remediation, without identifying the issues specific to the situation. At Palmetto Environmental Solutions, we always identify the problem, and the source, before recommending any resolution. We strive to limit the cost of our services and repairs. Our customers are relieved to find out that our technicians are specially trained to address problems in the most economical way: fixing only what needs to be fixed, and saving what can be saved. We tailor recommendations based on our findings..

The Leader in Mold Testing and Mold Removal:

Our remediation cost is within your budget.

Mold damage can lead to huge, unexpected expenses. Usually, insurance will cover little or none of the cost. We will work with you to provide the most cost effective solution, without compromising the safety of your home, business or school. We only charge for the work that absolutely needs to be done, and make recommendations for re-construction work. If we find that our work scope uses less materials or labor, we adjust our quotes accordingly.

WE minimize our time on the project.

We understand that any contractual work is disruptive to a homeowners lifestyle, or a builders schedule. We focus on beginning as quickly as possible, once agreement is reached, and we proceed in an efficient and timely manner. On commercial construction jobs, we also schedule night and weekend work, so that other schedules can be accommodated.

No complaints.

We like happy and satisfied customers. When your job specifically involves mold, only an experienced mold remediation expert is capable of completely understanding the problem, removing the mold and damage, and eliminating future occurrences. WE ARE THE COLONEL SANDERS OF MOLD. This is what we do, and we do it right. You will be pleased with our work, and our price.




As a homeowner, are you at risk for mold? When mold colonizes indoors, it can cause a wide variety of health and allergic reactions, particularly in children, the elderly, and those with immune deficiencies.  Our testing and inspection services will help identify any issue that you may have.

Property Management
Real Estate

In today’s economy, managing properties or trying to sell real estate are two of the toughest businesses to handle successfully, since so much is based on emotion. In managing and renting homes or apartments, or in showing a house, nothing is more noticeable to the tenant or buyer than the smell of mold. Lost sales, unfilled units, threats of litigation are all issues that arise daily in this type of work. Palmetto Environmental Solutions can remove the uncertainly of dealing with mold and moisture issues, leaving your company to focus on the positives, vs. the negatives of client interaction.

Commercial and Residential Construction

In commercial and residential construction, all builders are looking for a means of distinguishing themselves from their competition.  At the same time, it's all about keeping the job on track, and within budget.  Whether you are bidding a job, or trying to close with a profit on a current job, mold and moisture can play a role in a timely and profitable completion, and your chances for future business.


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