Getting mold under control in your home can be a tall order; not only can it be challenging to eliminate completely, but it can also prove tricky to find in the first place, as it can grow and even thrive undetected for years.  

Fortunately, with the following tips from mold remediation professionals, you can get your mold under control before it takes over your home: 

Moisture and Humidity Are the Enemy 

If mold is a problem in your home, you’re most likely also having an issue with moisture or water damage. Mold doesn’t grow without moisture, which means that even everyday items, like wet clothes, can harbor mold if they are not properly dried.  

On the subject of moisture, humidity is the measure of the amount of it that is present in the air. As such, if your home’s humidity levels are too high, mold can grow anywhere, and that could even include dry surfaces. 

The ideal humidity in your home should be anywhere from 30 to 60 percent, depending on what you’re most comfortable with. You’ll probably be able to feel it when the humidity is too high. Still, if you need a visual cue, it’s often condensation on walls or windows. Dry any condensation you see and do your best to mitigate the humidity with your HVAC, turn off any humidifiers, and potentially use a dehumidifier. 

Check Your Houseplants 

Mold loves organic matter, and that means it will love your house plants; making matters worse is that the damp soil your plants need will make it even easier to foster rapid mold growth.  

Of course, you don’t have to get rid of your houseplants now or even if you notice mold, but you’ll still want to control that growth and keep it from spreading. Carefully dose and monitor your plants’ water intake to keep them alive but not overly moist. If any are on the verge of dying due to being overrun by mold, it might be best to toss them. 

Identify Parts of Your Home Prone to Mold 

Mold-proofing your home isn’t reasonable, nor is it even possible, but you can still take measures to help your home resist mold growth. Check every inch of your home to see if any areas could create mold issues down the line.  

Take note of places that might be more susceptible to water damage or overly exposed to moisture, like your basement, crawl space, and — most notably — the bathroom, and ensure that they have good air circulation to discourage mold and mildew growth. On top of that, address any wetness or spills as soon as you spot them. 

Once you have a better idea of where those places are, you can take action: use mold-resistant products, replace or repair things around your home, or waterproof certain elements.  

Test if You’re Unsure 

Since mold can thrive in many hard-to-reach or barely visible spaces, you might be experiencing mold-related issues while being unable to confirm whether mold is actually the source of your problems. In such a case, it’s best not to assume everything will work out on its own; if you don’t take action to eliminate mold, it will run rampant behind the walls or in crawl spaces and become a much bigger and more expensive problem later. 

Call a Professional for Remediation 

Smaller growths can sometimes be addressed with mold killers you can buy at the store, but there’s no guarantee they will work well enough for the mold to never return, and even then, all of the above tips may be meaningless if you’re already entrenched in a mold-related fiasco. 

That’s why professional mold remediation is so valuable; these experts have the tools and background to find the source of the problem and determine the best course of action to not only eliminate the mold now but prevent it from ever coming back later. They’re also best to turn to in order to remove mold safely, as doing so without the proper equipment can lead to mold growing throughout the rest of your home and impacting your health as well. 

Easy and Fast Mold Management 

Managing mold on your own is a nigh-impossible task, but with the proper preparation and professional assistance, you don’t have to let out-of-control mold growth overwhelm you.  

Interior mold remediation and restoration services will kick stubborn mold to the curb once and for all, especially if you fill in the gaps with the professional tips listed above; you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you did all you could to protect your property from the dangers of mold. 

If you’ve recently discovered mold in your living space or worry that moisture issues might escalate into a mold problem, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Palmetto Environmental Solutions for guidance today. 

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