Palmetto Environmental Solutions has been helping commercial builders in the Carolinas with mold remediation and mold prevention for over a decade. During that time, we have adapted our services and packages to best fit what our builders and developers are looking for in service and budget. We offer Mold and Moisture Site Assessments that include monthly inspections and treatments. These plans are backed by a 12-month mold treatment warranty.


Palmetto Environmental Solutions believes in being proactive, instead of reactive. With these plans, we believe we can make those mold-related delays, questions, unforeseen costs, and liabilities a thing of the past for your company. If you are already in the middle of a project and need help with getting past a mold or moisture issue, give us a call. We are large enough and experienced enough to quickly react to the issue and limit delays for your project.

Mold & Moisture Assessment Package

Palmetto Environmental Solutions has developed a proven and tested treatment package that was specifically designed for wood-framed projects larger than 150,000 square feet. These packages have a few options that we customize to fit the needs of your projects size, conditions, and budget. Palmetto Environmental Solutions visits the job site on a monthly basis, investigating potential mold and moisture issues via moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras. We work with the builder to address the issues and then provide the findings in a report provided at the time of each visit. This package is backed by a 12 month warranty.

SurfaceShield Protectant

SurfaceShield is unlike any other protectant on the market, as it can be applied to building materials within a wide range of moisture content levels. SurfaceShiled Protectant can be applied to building materials with a moisture content of 11%-30% and is backed by a 10 year, transferable warranty against mold growth. SurfaceShield Protectant goes on clear and the application can be verified under a black light via tracers.
The wooden skeleton of a big fancy apartment building going up.


If your company is looking to take mold prevention to the next level, Palmetto Environmental Solutions also offers NewBuild 50 Mold Prevention Treatment for new construction. With NewBuild 50, we can treat the wood framing materials on a project to prevent future mold growth. We back that up with a 50-year transferable warranty.

NewBuild 50 is a microbial barrier product specifically designed for application to new unfinished building surfaces. It is backed by a 50-year transferrable mold warranty. NewBuild 50 is both a penetrant and a proactive approach to combating mold contamination in new buildings. It creates a durable microbial barrier to inhibit mold colonization on the surface of the materials.

The NewBuild 50 treatment plan also includes an assessment every 6-8 weeks during the framing phase of the project. Each assessment includes spot treatments of visible issues with Anabec Cleaning Solution and a collection of moisture content readings. Once a building is dried and before the insulation is installed, Palmetto Environmental Solutions treats all of the framing lumber with NewBuild 50 to prevent future mold growth. Most of our competitors only treat a portion of a project, but we treat all of the lumber. NewBuild 50 is one of only two products that are currently listed as compatible products with all the major CPVC manufacturers.


Palmetto Environmental Solutions remains on top of the pulse of the regulations in place to protect the integrity of the CPVC piping used for Fire Sprinkler Systems. The chemicals allowed to come in contact with this type of piping is very limited and local Fire Marshals pay close attention to chemicals being sprayed and even the chemicals that are being staged in the building. The builder needs to make sure that whoever is providing the mold treatment is using a product that is compatible with the CPVC, otherwise the builder may be required to remove and replace the CPVC per the Fire Marshal. The links below can help you decide if your product is compatible with the CPVC on your project.

Not sure if the products you use are compatible?