Palmetto Environmental Solutions is uniquely equipped to provide mold remediation services for multifamily complexes of any size in the Southeast!  We are set with a designated staff for new and existing multifamily projects which allows us to provide quick turnaround service that is discreet and will allow your team to stay on schedule.

Existing Construction Remediation

Performing mold remediation on a finished building requires elevated attention to details, especially if the building is occupied. Palmetto Environmental Solutions has been providing mold remediation services for large commercial projects and small residential homes since 2007. We follow IICRC S520 guidelines for all of our mold remediation projects and have worked with dozens of third party companies to ensure the scope of work is adhered to and the project is completed the right way.

New Construction Mold Prevention

Palmetto Environmental Solutions believes in prevention and being proactive but sometimes budgets don’t allow for that and we are able to provide a full service remediation for these times. We can walk the project at no cost to you and provide feedback on moisture and mold growth on your project. Depending on the amount of mold growth, the proposed protocol could be as simple as addressing a few spots with wire brushes or up to soda blasting all of the framing lumber. We know the job schedule is just as important as the budget, so we can work with you to make it work on both fronts.

Soda Blasting

Depending on the environment and building materials impacted by mold growth, soda blasting may be the best method of mold remediation. Mold remediation requires the mold to be completely removed from the building material. Traditional methods can be slow and tedious, usually consisting of scrubbing with wire brushes and sanding. Soda blasting framing lumber with mold growth is so effective because not only is the surface cleaned but the soda is allowed to get into the pores of the wood and remove mold hidden below the surface.

Soda blasting is extremely useful for hard to get to areas such as cross-bracing or bridging, as well as areas such as below floor decking where nails may be protruding. Time saved is another advantage to soda blasting, this method can greatly reduce the timeframe for completion of a mold remediation project.

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Palmetto Environmental Solutions remains on top of the pulse of the regulations in place to protect the integrity of the CPVC piping used for Fire Sprinkler Systems. The chemicals allowed to come in contact with this type of piping is very limited and local Fire Marshals pay close attention to chemicals being sprayed and even the chemicals that are being staged in the building. The builder needs to make sure that whoever is providing the mold treatment is using a product that is compatible with the CPVC, otherwise the builder may be required to remove and replace the CPVC per the Fire Marshal. The links below can help you decide if your product is compatible with the CPVC on your project.

Not sure if the products you use are compatible?