Palmetto Environmental Solutions has been working with property management companies in the Carolinas since 2007. We have provided these companies with services such mold remediation; mold inspections; preventative maintenance inspections; moisture assessments; sealed crawl spaces and repair/reconstruction — from a simple flood-out to a major remodel of damaged or foreclosed buildings. We handle jobs of all sizes; from small inspections between tenants to the remediation of 130-unit apartment complexes.


Additionally, we can provide quarterly inspection reports to help maintain the quality of your properties. These inspection reports assess structures for damage and offer preventative solutions for mold and moisture. We look for issues before they become major problems. Our solutions are correct, timely and cost effective.


Repairing known issues is a necessary step, but it could also be a costly one. It is better for tenants and owners to have potential issues identified while they are still small, versus having costly remediation work done after everyone is involved, and health/legal issues surface. As a property management firm, you have little knowledge of the health or habits of the persons that you allow to occupy a dwelling. We also offer a Property Maintenance Program for property managers.


Property managers use our company to test and inspect between renters, and to inspect and repair units with active occupants. We offer trained staff who follow IICRCS520 guidelines. We warranty our work. With rental properties, you can experience many issues, such as leaks, overflowing toilets, carpet damage, etc., and they are often not noticed or reported until the tenant vacates the property. More and more frequently, we are seeing tenants use mold as a reason to break leases and sue property managers and owners. Litigation is expensive, not only in legal action, but also in bad publicity. Loss of a tenant is extremely costly, with the loss of rental income generally much greater than the repair costs. Additionally, maintenance personnel are not trained in moisture investigation or mold remediation.