a long term solution for preventing fungal growth & moisture

Palmetto Environmental Solutions offers FREE CRAWL SPACE INSPECTIONS for homeowners. Our certified inspectors will evaluate and test the crawl space for any existing problems and work with you to develop a long term solution to remove any present fungal growth and remedy moisture issues. Each home is different and we only recommend the solutions that best fit your circumstances.

Crawl Space Encapsulations & Vapor Barriers are designed to reduce water and moisture issues underneath homes. Long term moisture and water can create an ideal environment for fungal growth, and contribute to the decline of the structural integrity of the home.

We offer 9 mil, 15 mil, or 36 mil vapor barriers depending on the project needs. All of our liners are woven and reinforced, making them lighter, stronger, and less expensive than other liners on the market of comparable millage.


  • Prevents mold and wood decay in your crawlspace
  • Improves air quality throughout the home
  • Reduces pest and termite issue
  • Saves 10-15% on heating and cooling costs in the Carolinas
  • Reduces buckling of hardwood floors

Crawl space encapsulations

are made up of the following characteristics:

  • Closed and insulated foundation vents
  • Durable vapor barrier on the floor of the crawl space
  • Durable vapor barrier on the walls and piers
  • All seams in the vapor barrier sealed
  • All plumbing or electrical entry areas sealed
  • Dehumidification system installed and drain line run outside of space
  • Insulated crawl space door



Palmetto Environmental Solutions has decades of experience providing certified mold inspection and testing services for real estate transactions, property managers, homeowners and landlords. We will uncover the source of any mold growing in your home and offer tailored solutions to remediate any issues.

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