You notice a patch of mold growing in your home, so you decide to carve out some time in your busy schedule to take care of it yourself. With so many DIY treatments for mold out there, you think it’ll take no time at all. 

But before you commit to managing mold by yourself, you should know why it’s always better and safer to call in mold remediation professionals. 

You Won’t Have the Right Equipment 

Remediation, or entirely removing and cleaning your mold, isn’t something you can do with your average household cleaners or DIY concoctions. 

Experts have the proper techniques, equipment, and solutions to rid your home of mold for good. If you use the wrong equipment, you could accidentally spread the mold spores throughout your home, making a bad problem worse.  

It’s a Dangerous Job 

Mold remediation professionals have access to the special PPE they wear on the job to keep themselves safe. The average homeowner doesn’t have access to the necessary protective gear. Therefore, when handling mold yourself, you’ll probably breathe in harmful mold spores in high quantities. 

A mold expert will use containment, the process of keeping mold spores from spreading during the cleaning. Without this protective measure, you and anyone else in your home could have aggravated allergy or asthma symptoms in addition to new mold growths popping up elsewhere. 

It Will Likely Come Back 

Even if you don’t see the growth anymore, a thorough cleaning will never be enough to rid yourself of it fully. There’s a high chance that you’ll have mold regrowth, usually within the first few days, if you clean it yourself. 

While this is more annoying than anything else, it also means you’re constantly fighting the problem, worsening your home’s air quality and eating up your free time. You might also find yourself buying new cleaners or equipment to attempt to rid yourself of the mold for good, only to find it coming back repeatedly. 

It’s not worth the hassle; do yourself a favor and contact professionals to handle mold remediation. 

It’s Probably a Lot Worse Than It Looks 

Unfortunately, many homeowners see only a fraction of their mold problem. Mold is fantastic at tucking away in well-hidden parts of the home or hiding beneath carpeting and walls. Just because you clean away the mold you can see doesn’t mean you’re anywhere near done with it. 

Mold remediation companies know how to quickly find these hidden pockets of mold. They’ll inspect every inch of your home to locate any mold growth. They’ll also point out any molds you can’t see but could still negatively impact your home’s air quality. 

You Need to Act Fast 

Homeowners with mold growth need fast, efficient cleaning. And rarely does that come in the form of a novice mold remediator, even if you address it the minute you see it. 

Cleaning up the surface mold yourself is generally the quickest, but that isn’t the best course of action. You want something quick without being rushed, and that’s precisely the kind of service that mold remediation professionals can offer. 

Finding mold also often means you have water damage, which means there’s no time to rest on your laurels. Ignoring potential water damage is bound to make your mold situation worse while also causing other problems with your home’s infrastructure. 

Mold Isn’t Always the Only Problem 

No one wants to call in mold remediation services only to discover several other issues. But mold growth is often a symptom of a more significant issue, like water damage or contaminated sewage water. 

These issues increase the danger factor exponentially, making it crucial for homeowners to hire professionals to ensure their homes stay safe. Dealing with these problems can pose serious health risks. Not only that, but you’ll still need someone to deal with the source of the problem so the mold isn’t constantly growing back. 

Don’t Go It Alone With Mold 

It is always wise to consult experts before you tackle any cleaning projects yourself. There may be some minor situations that you can attempt to clean up yourself, but remember to protect yourself and understand that this could be a small part of a larger colony you aren’t seeing. 

Mold is much more severe than you might think, so you should call professionals who take it seriously. Contact Palmetto Environmental Solutions for a mold inspection to shed some light on the dangerous mold lurking in the dark corners of your home! 

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