When was the last time you not only just timidly peeked inside your crawl space, but actually crawled the whole thing? 

Never? Trust me, I understand. For most people, the thought of venturing into a dark, damp, bug ridden area is daunting. It’s a place where all the unknowns reside. It’s also a place where nightmarish fears of claustrophobia never die. But! Let’s put all those fears aside and look at the real monsters. 

For a company such as ours – that specializes in this scary underworld, it’s our life. The only monsters we encounter are moisture, mold, rot, foundational issues, and intrusion from water, rodents, snakes, and many different species of insects.

All these monsters, as they were, can wreak absolute havoc on your home’s crawl space. This can cause a multitude of unhealthy environments for the home and the occupants. Forty percent of what we breathe inside our homes, comes from the environment beneath our homes. Don’t worry, we got you!

All of this is a way of life for us. So, we have the solutions. Our project consultants are your heroes, they do this day in and day out. They will be versed in many different areas to bring you a competent, friendly, and thorough inspection. Your hero will come to your home and without any trepidation crawl and inspect your entire crawl space. Bringing back from the pit of despair all the knowledge necessary to cure exactly what plagues your crawl space.

You will be far more knowledgeable of your crawl space’s overall health. The project consultant will present to you pictures of the areas of concern, as well as, moisture levels, relative humidity, and a comprehensive plan to eradicate these serious issues. In doing so – your burden will be lifted, you will have peace of mind, and the assurance that your home is now a safer and healthier place to live.

Shane Wheeler

Project Consultant

Palmetto Environmental Solutions